Ditching Outdated Dieting Thinking with Tanja Shaw


Black and white thinking around health, nutrition and weight loss is outdated, outmoded and redundant.  If you think it's just a case of finding enough will power to stick to a diet, then, my friend, I'm afraid you're set up to fail. 

My guest today has built up a credible reputation for helping thousands find a new relationship to food, their bodies and dieting.  

In this conversation we talk about: 

🥑 A time redefine ourselves and dieting.
🥑 Why we're sociologically conditioned for weight loss.
🥑 Re-writing the diet narrative.
🥑 Mindful weight loss /  Mindful eating.
🥑 The human diet.
🥑 Understanding your motivations.
🥑 Our relationships to food.
🥑 Black and white thinkings vs 'play in the grey' 
🥑 Making people with desire & yearning. 
🥑 Routine, routine, routine.
🥑 Progress over perfection.
🥑 But HOW do we accept a body we don't actually like.

So if you're ready to 'play in the grey', come join Tanja and me!

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