Fall asleep and stay asleep every night

(without medication, bags of supplements and the worry about how you will cope tomorrow) 

The Sleep Super Power Academy - START DATE 20TH SEPT - 2021


Are you waking up frequently and finding it hard to get back off?  Or are you just finding it hard to drop off in the first place?

Do you get envious of your bed partner who can just fall asleep effortlessly while you're laying there aware of the fact you're not asleep?

Do you start to ruminate over whether or not you're going to sleep as the evening draws in?

Do you feel desperate and frustrated in the morning when the world is getting going again?

Do you feel alone because everyone else is having a good time in the evenings but you're busy worrying about getting sleep?

Is poor sleep getting in the way of your relationships, your social life and your productivity?

If you're an over thinker, an anxiety sufferer and a tad tense then you'll know the pain I'm talking about here.

No need to preach to you and tell you WHY it is you need to sleep.  You already know that.  And you already know that the more you learn about what happens to your brain and body when you don't sleep well, the more you panic about your insomnia which makes it worse.  (Yep.  I've been in that double bind.)   Most importantly, I know that you would give your right arm in exchange for a good nights sleep if you could.   

Well lucky for you, you can keep your right arm (you're welcome), plus you can gain the secrets to a wonderful nights sleep, night after night.  

Here's what you might not know...

Most sleep disorders are stress related.


Labelling a sleep disorder as a sleep disorder can make it more challenging to heal holistically and sustainably [not impossible though].


Good sleep is a choice & not something that happens by chance [even if bad sleep is a symptom of something else like menopause, restless legs or a sensitive bladder]. 


It IS absolutely possible to train your brain to learn to sleep again.  [If it weren't possible, life would be torturous and I don't believe it's meant to be]. 

Even though your reasons to pursue deep, hard, 'knock you out' sleep are obvious, your path to it is anything but.

"I want to sleep like a baby?"  I know you do, but why is it so hard?


Perhaps you've even caught a glimpse of sleep success but it just didn't last. 


You've probably already spent hundreds if not thousands on products and potions like Lavender and Vetiver Spritz, Nytol, Melatonin, CBD oil, weighted blankets and all of which might have worked for a while, and then BANG 😳, you’re wide awake wondering why it’s stopped working.  You’re frustrated and tossing and turning.  I know, I’ve been there. 


You may even have an intense meditation, nutrition and exercise practice, which to an outsider might look like a religious commitment and even that’s not working now but you daren’t change it for anything else incase it gets worse.


You may have even used podcasts, sleep casts or delta sleep music to help you drift off to sleep and some nights they work and other nights they don’t. 


You’ve tried to look for a trigger and you think you’ve found it and rectified it, only to find that it wasn’t it.  😩  All the while sleep keeps alluding you making you feel more grumpy and more hopeless. 


Lucky for you, my mind has played every trick in the book when it comes to sleep and I’ve now found a way of making sleep happen every night… [well almost every night, but to be honest, 'almost every night' is a huge success compared to the endless weeks of insomnia]. 


So, even if you’re late to the [slumber] party, fear not, because it’s never too late to try something new. 


If you’re the kind of person who thinks they’ve tried everything, well let me be brazen to say, you probably haven’t.  Not in this combination with this kind of commitment anyway. 

Here's what some of the alumni are saying

Sleep Better

Emma Harris

"I didn’t know what to expect but I’ve been blown away.   It goes way beyond anything I’ve tried.   Having the Live Support Sessions has been brilliant and to have a one to one is a really special thing.   I’ve not ever done a course with so much touch time.  It’s actually very rare for people to finish a course and the fact that we’re all still here is, is a testament to how good it is because when you’re doing the deep work like this, it’s very important.  It’s inspiring to see how others have improved their sleep as well, which helps me see how real and possible it is."

Sleep Better


"Wow.  This has been such a journey.  I could never have envisaged how massively wide this would go.  It has absolutely blown my mind.  It’s been the most fantastic experience.  Sally literally gave us HER and that stands out a mile. She has been so wanting of us to move forward.  It’s really touched me.  I can feel the support and I know she’d shift heaven and earth for us if she could. For 12 years I’d been stuck and yes I’ve had amazing medical professionals physically helping me but mentally I wasn’t able to move forward.  There was a block and this course looks at so many different things including the way you live your day, it gives you such a lot of awareness.  It’s been massive in moving me forward in a way that I really needed that the doctors could not provide, for all their amazing talents, there was a level there that they couldn’t help me with.  And being able to discuss it in a group  is really powerful in it’s own right.  The Live Support Sessions have been amazing, everybody has been so open and willing to share.   Thank you, it’s been incredible."

Sleep better

Ellen Cubbin

"At first I was unsure about whether to do the course but with Sally’s help I settled into it and I’m really glad I did it now.  I feel like I believe in my sleep more now, it’s become more of a solid thing and less of a fragile thing.   The course has been so much deeper than anything I’ve come across before.   I read two books about sleep which helped, but this goes much deeper.    There were self care principles that had been on my list to look into more, but not in the context of solving the sleep issue, but Sally helped me to see the link between all the pieces.  I’m really glad I did the course."



The 12 week course, that lasts a life time, teaching you HOW to have great sleep night after night.  No waffle, No surplus fluff. Next cohort starts 20th September 2021

The thing is, I'm a problem solver (it's part of having Virgo rising so I've been told).  So you can imagine my frustration at trying to solve the problem of insomnia for about 3 years and failing.  Well failure drives me like a bull at a gate and I didn't stop until I'd cracked the code.  Fortunately for you, this was the code to having great sleep.   

I've taken everything I've learnt from my training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a life long learner and an insomnia/anxiety sufferer and loaded it into this 12 week course.  

The end result?  The ability to look forward to bed time knowing that sleep comes to me (and my clients) effortlessly like a heavy warm blanket of yumminess, shrouding us in safety and comfort until the morning.   PLUS the ability to bounce back if sleep does become a tad elusive. 


Here's how The Sleep Super Power Academy will help you


Let's be honest...It's never JUST about sleep. So here's what I've put together for you so that we can  take the time required to treat you holistically


It's scientifically proven that a tribe creates a vibe.  This means that you'll be learning to improve your sleep alongside others who want to help and be helped. 

Integration Time

Long term change doesn't happen overnight (pardon the pun).  That's why you're going to get a week or two weeks in between modules to practice implementing the suggestions.

1:2:1 Time

Every person has their nuances that's why every other week we'll do a live Q&A where you can ask me anything, plus you'll get a 1:2:1 zoom call to iron out any issues.  

No Fads

Short term fads create failures.  But science backed habits done consistently, wires in change.  In this course, I'll give you the tools that you can come back to time and time again to help you build on your sleep success. 


Holistic Approach

It's never just about sleep is it.  So we take a wider view looking at your mindset, exercise, nutrition, stress management, relationships, and your attitude to control. 

Mindset Reframes

We take a look at how you're thinking about sleep and how you can reframe some of the limiting beliefs you may have that are stopping you from sleeping.

What do you get?


Course & Community

  • All course content
  • Worksheets & downloads
  • Life time access
  • Course bonuses
  • Access to new content as and when added
  • Access to Facebook Community
  • 5 x Live Support Sessions via Zoom
  • 1 x One 2 One Zoom Call

Here's how The Sleep Super Power Academy will get you sleeping well night after night:

Module 1 - The Basics 
Understand that learning to sleep takes lifestyle medicine.
Understand that everything is connected.  Eg: how you do anything is how you do everything.
A declaration of commitment to doing something different.
Evaluate reasons why you might not be sleeping.
Decide what sleeping 7-8 hours a night will give you.
Understand some of the main sleep hygiene principles.
Understand about napping & sleep cycles.
Understand about circadian rhythms and Chronotypes.


Module 2 - The Groundwork
Understand how to lay the foundations of good sleep.
Understand why and how to do a variety of breathing exercises to help regulate nervous system response.
Understand why and how to switch off your muscles and nerves to induce the precursor brain wave state to sleep.
Understand why and how to meditate for sleep.
Understand why and how to use mindfulness techniques.
Learn the basics of Poly Vagal Theory.
Learn about the science of grounding and how to ground.
Learn a simple diagnostic tool to help you maintain your energy balance all through the day.
Evaluate and improve your work life balance.
Learn why and how to do conscious contemplation.


Module 3 - How To Sleep
Learn 4 simple rules of the mind pertaining to sleep.
Understand why you need a sleep routine and how to get one.
Learn how to think differently about sleep.
Learn how to get back to sleep if you wake up.
Learn how to set yourself up for sleep success first thing in the morning.
Understand how and why you might be sabotaging your sleep.


Module 4 -Movement, Mindset & Nutrition.
Learn why exercise is the most important thing for the sleep deprived.
Learn my Gentle Energy Balancing Exercise technique.
Learn a few resistance training tips for tired people.
Learn some perspective shifts that help you to cope with stress better.
Learn about what to eat and what supplements are good for sleep sufferers.


Module 5 - Relationships & Communication
Learn how to let go of control and let life support you so that you're not always holding on. 
Learn how to find more connection & belonging in your life so that you can let go of hyper vigilance and feel more supported. 
Learn the basics of non violent communication to help diffuse red hot emotions that keep you up at night.


The Sleep Super Power Academy is PERFECT for you if....

1.  You’re ready to be supported with your sleep instead of trying to find the solutions by yourself, looking here there and everywhere online whilst getting more and more frustrated (the emotion of which makes sleep even more elusive).


2.  You’re ready to do some deep inner emotional work instead of relying on quick fix solutions like CBD oil and melatonin that might work short term but don’t offer a long term sustainable plan that you can RELY on night after night.


3.  You’re ready to join other people I’ve helped who now have great sleep night after night enabling them to perform at their best all through the day.


4.  You’re ready to ditch the belief that ‘there’s no solution to my insomnia’ and open yourself up to the possibility of superb sleep on the regular. 


5.  You’re ready to start APPLYING what you already know (and what you learn in this course) to your life rather than it just being ‘an idea, a tip or a hack’ that’s left hanging. 


6.  You’re ready to personify the belief that knowledge in action is way powerful that knowledge alone.


7.  You’re ready to quit the self sabotage (and the belief that ‘life has to be a struggle’) so that you can have phenomenal sleep and actually receive the gifts that life is waiting in the wings to offer you.


(I can see you nodding along 🥳)

More results from the alumni

Sleep Better

Evie Muirhead

  Sally has put so much great content into this, it really is a good course and I highly recommend it to others.  I have got a lot out of it.  I’ve loved the group dynamic and getting to know people through the Live Support Sessions, I’ve found it very supportive indeed and helpful for my sleep.  It’s great we’ve got the modules that we can go back to because I’m aware that as we listen to them again we’ll hear other things.

Sleep Better

Yasmine Hafed

Honestly, I didn’t expect much because I’d tried so many things but, on this course I learned so much more than expected.  At the beginning I didn’t understand why I had troubles with sleep (which came in cycles) but now I fully understand why.   Setting a time for us to meet each week to talk about what’s been going on with our sleep has been very helpful because I don’t know a lot of people who have sleep troubles and it was great to feel that I was not alone.  Everything about the course was very helpful and it really did improve my sleep.  My sleep is so much better and it’s so different to how it was at the beginning. I acknowledge that I need to keep these good habits going but I don’t feel frustrated or helpless anymore.

Sleep better

Katy S

This course has really helped me to understand this idea of self responsibility.  It IS down to us and no quick fix is going to cure our sleep.    What I love about this course is, you’ve got the science side, the spiritual side, the self care side and the psychology side of things, so we’re helped to understand ourselves fully and what our triggers might be.   I feel like I’ve learned so much, it’s been incredible how much I’ve learnt.  If this would have been a course with a large company I wouldn’t have got as much out of it.  Because numbers are kept small, it’s been great to get to know everyone and that’s helped so much.

Can't wait to see you inside


The course that teaches you HOW to have great sleep night after night.  No waffle, No surplus fluff.

What do you get?


Course & Community

  • All course content
  • Worksheets & downloads
  • Life time access
  • Course bonuses
  • Access to new content as and when added
  • Access to Facebook Community
  • 5 x Live Support Sessions Via Zoom
  • 1 x One 2 One Zoom Call

I'm always more than happy to hear from you with any questions or queries.  Just reach out: [email protected] I will respond same day.


More Successful Slumberers

Sleep Better

Ashley Baldwin

"It's been amazing working with you Sally.  I’m sleeping 7-8 hours a night now.  I’m back to normal with no waking up at 2.30am anxious, (which went on for 5 months).  Once again you’ve worked miracles!"

Sleep Better


"I am sleeping so much better but the revelation is this.  I am no longer afraid of not sleeping well or long enough because I know now that I'll be fine. It won't ruin me for several days. I don't remember a time in my life where I've felt so peaceful and content on little sleep so I'm not fearful of the next time and ironically, this revelation is helping me sleep better."

Sleep better

Suzanne Cheal

“I was worried about sleeping while I was away from my family on an acting job for 3 months but working with Sally helped me to see things very differently and gave me to tools to cope much better.    I sleep well every night now.”