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What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Rapid Transformational Therapy is NOT your average hypnotherapy.   RTT is a pioneering therapy based on neuroscience that offers fast, effective results by combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP, Parts Therapy, Inner Child Work, Positive Suggestion Therapy and CBT. RTT delivers extraordinary lasting change from physical, emotional, and psychological pain by reframing our core beliefs, values, habits, and emotions deep in the subconscious. By rapidly rewiring the brain’s neural pathways, RTT replaces our out-dated belief systems and negative behavior patterns. New life-affirming beliefs are formed, and the healing process begins.

Just as nature intended.  

Step 1
Your Initial Consultation

  • This is a complementary 30 minute call for us to get super clear on what the real issues are, what you want instead and how RTT can help you.
  • If you decide to book, you will be sent a pre session recording and a waiver to sign.
  • No money is taken on the call.
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Step 2
Your Session

  • Your session can take place in Brighton or Worldwide via Zoom.
  • The session starts with a 20 minute consultation which helps us to get extra clear on how you want to feel after the session. 
  • Then the hypnotherapy session begins as I safely regress you back to the root cause of the issue.
  • During the final stages of the session I create your personalised recording for you which embeds the change required.
  • The whole session lasts between 2 and 3 hours.

Step 3
Your Participation

  • After the session you will be sent your personalised 20 minute hypnosis recording.
  • It is vital that you listen to this for 30 days (at least) after your treatment to wire in the change. 
  • You can check in with me at any time for 30 days via What's App or email.
  • You must reflect on the changes occurring during that time and discuss them with me at our follow up support sessions.

So What Happens During an RTT Hypnotherapy Session?

1) We get clear on what you want to let go of and then we get clear on exactly what you WANT instead (in detail!).
‚Äč2) We go back to past memories under hypnosis that are the cause, reason and the root of your issues today. ¬†We allow¬†those¬†feelings to be felt with kindness, compassion and grace.
3) We DECIDE that the interpretation you made of thoes memories are not your fault and are no longer relevant to you anymore.
4) We install new language to align your beliefs, feelings and actions so that you're no longer in conflict with yourself. 

Essentially, we upgrade the most important operating system of all...your mind. 

Award  Winning, Accredited, Qualified and Insured

You might be wondering....


When you recognise how much you'll save by not having ongoing therapy, RTT feels like a no brainer.

Transformational 30 Day Rapid Re-Wire


Includes RTT


  • Thorough consultation (free)
  • Pre session recording for priming your mind
  • 2-3 hour RTT session
  • Uniquely crafted 20 minute hypnosis script creation & professional recording set to binaural music, which you listen to for 30 days after your RTT session
  • 30 days WhatsApp support
  • 2 x 30 minute¬†Support¬†Sessions for coaching, mentoring and reflections post treatment

Areas Covered

Brighton | East Sussex | Shoreham | Hove | Online Nationally

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More Client Results...

Fear & Procrastination 

"Sally rescued me when I thought I didn’t have anymore options and no one to turn to.  Her support throughout the whole process of RTT has been incredible. Her knowledge and skills are second to none.  Sally made me feel safe, calm and at ease from the very beginning and my one RTT session with Sally has been transformational for me.  The whole process was simple, rapid and incredible.  I will be forever grateful to Sally and RTT for giving me my life back.  This is the best investment I have ever made in my life and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to Sally and her services  If your looking for hope then stop here."  Lisa Vulgar

Chronic Fatigue & Anxiety

"RTT was the final piece of the jigsaw for me, without it I wouldn’t have reached this point. My greatest achievement has been this internal one.  Because of the recording every single word has changed my chemical make up.  I’ve found the love for myself. I needed my sub conscious mind to be spoken to rather than trying to use my conscious mind to help me grow. Everything has been pieced together and now.  can safely say, this is the happiest I’ve ever been (and I’ve been through a lot of trauma) thanks for your amazing work and RTT.”  Claire K

OCD & Low Self Worth

"I just wanted to say that the RTT I had with you has been amazing.  It's really turned things around for me.  I was apprehensive at first trying something new but I’m so glad I did.  Before the session, I was feeling anxious, impatient, and my OCD was bad.   I didn’t like myself very much, I always felt down, I didn’t think I was a great mum and I never had the motivation to do anything healthy.   I now have the motivation to cook for myself and I’m being much nicer to my kids too.  I’m engaging with them more and asking them how they feel rather than telling them that I’m not feeling very well and to keep the noise down.   My feelings of self worth are growing and that self loathing is not there now."  Anonymous

Anxiety, Self Love & Money Blocks

“I want to thank Sally for the wonderful work she did with me.  When I was a child I had very bad traumas (sexual, physical and psychological abuses).   Sally was very good and was always kind, helping me to release these emotions and understand the root cause of them with RTT sessions.  I had 3 sessions, one for anxiety, self-love and money blocks. I can say that after each session I  had immediately felt the change inside me, no more anxiety completely gone, I love myself more and I'm starting to get the income that I deserve now with my start up company.  Now I feel better and lighter regarding those experiences. I'm more conscious of who I am and what can I achieve in life and deserve. I really recommend her for any problem. Thank you very much Sally, you're amazing.”  Anna Borello (Italy)

Midlife Crisis

"I have recently had some RTT work done with Sally. This was a very positive new experience which left me with this little seed of love in my brain. I know now that I can grow flowers from this seed and hopefully they will take over the old unnecessary weeds of a life time. Sally is a kind, knowledgeable and caring person with whom I had the pleasure to meet. Thank you Sally!"  Veronica Biggs


"I had come to a point where my addictions were becoming overwhelming. I knew that if I didn't take control of the situation, I risked losing everything. In search of a solution, I explored various options and after careful consideration, I decided that hypnotherapy, specifically with you and RTT, was the best path for me.  Right from the beginning, the communication with Sally was excellent. She took the time to explain everything to me, ensuring that I had a clear understanding of what to expect. When I underwent hypnosis, it was an intriguing experience, albeit strange in a positive way. After the session concluded, I felt an immense weight lifted from my shoulders, and my mind was filled with newfound clarity.  Thanks to Sally's guidance, my perspective on life has become significantly more positive, not just for myself but also for my family."  Christopher

  • Results vary from person to person and success cannot be guaranteed.
  • Hypnotherapy is contra indicated for people with epilepsy and psychosis.
  • Regression therapy is used in RTT so is only suitable for people who are mentally stable enough to review the past.
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Rapid Transformational Therapy

More Testimonials


"I wanted to let you know I’m making really good progress and just wanted to say thank you! Since our session my horizon has gotten bigger and I’ve been pushing myself. Since I’ve been doing that I don’t mean to brag but I think I’m doing pretty well!  Today I’ve just got through the door after a 70+mile journey to see my girlfriend's Grandparents in Alton (so 140 there and back!) That’s something I couldn’t imagine doing before, and although I find ways of managing the feeling with alternate route planning and stuff like that I’m able to do the things that are important- which is great!  Whatever wizardry you performed is doing wonders, so thank you for opening up my world again."
Leon - February 2023


"I chose Sally because I had listened to her podcasts and she had been so open and upfront about her own personal background and I instinctively felt that to share and gain support from her was a sure step forward. I actually didn’t question it. I had no doubt when I made my decision that I would be in safe hands and I was. I was open, told Sally exactly what I wanted to address.
Sally questioned me thoroughly to ensure that moving forward had a good chance of success and what support was needed to structure moving forward.  I knew, I would want support whilst my mind and body came to adjust to the new habit settings and that was all there. I don’t think I trusted myself to have a session and get on with it but I didn’t have to worry about that. I felt Sally was honest with me and was someone who would check and say what ever was needed rather than what would make me feel better. I liked this, as sometimes being honest with yourself isn’t always easy.  I was treated without judgement and with an approach that was particular to me that would allow for better results. I found I needed a good two weeks for things to feel second nature after the session, a sort of adjustment period. I was after all, changing things that had had reasons for being there, but the habit itself was knocked on the head immediately and never returned.  The emotions and energy I had spent berating and churning over started to leave as they were not relevant any more. The freedom of thought was astounding. The lack of guilt and the sense of calm and contentment is genuinely glorious. I approach every day differently now because I don’t have to waste time and energy thinking about trying to avoid something.  I am really proud I asked for help and changed something so irritating that made me feel disappointed in myself to now not thinking on it at all and not feeling negative about having done them in the first place. I just moved on.  Sally is a kind and thoughtful practitioner. I knew if I messed it up somehow, I would be scooped up. I genuinely never expected it to stop immediately. I continue with the recording most days even though its been months since my session not because I have to but because it suits me and like a good meditation it makes me feel good.  I wish you good luck dealing with any areas that you may need help with and would highly recommend Sally to help take you to where you are aiming for. Thank you Sally. Game changer."

Anonymous Jan 2022

I had two sessions with Sally.  One for fear of heights and the other for panic attacks.  I’m happy to say that both have significantly eased after being treated by her.   I used to worry about getting in the glass lift and work and going to the edge but now I don’t even think about it.  With the panic attacks, I was nervous about going back to work after the Christmas break but I seem to be dealing with things in a much more positive way now.  If panic does arise, I can deal with it very effectively, so it doesn’t worry me as much anymore.  I’m feeling so much better about things now and I’m so much more accepting of myself and life.   I would definitely recommend her.  Manjit Singh - February 2020

Hi Sally.  I just  wanted to say that the RTT I had with you has been amazing.  It's really turned things around for me.  I was apprehensive at first trying something new but I’m so glad I did.  Before the session, I was feeling anxious, impatient, and my OCD was bad.   I didn’t like myself very much, I always felt down, I didn’t think I was a great mum and I never had the motivation to do anything healthy.   I now have the motivation to cook for myself and I’m being much nicer to my kids too.  I’m engaging with them more and asking them how they feel rather than telling them that I’m not feeling very well and to keep the noise down.   My feelings of self worth are growing and that self loathing is not there now.  Anonymous - 31st January 2020 

I was going through a crisis in my marriage when I contacted Sally and booked a RTT session. In between making the booking and my session my husband and I decided to separate. My RTT session happened just after this. I wasn't sure if it would be good timing but Sally assured me it was perfect timing.  Sally was so right. I am certain if I had not had my RTT session at the start of this big change in my life my old ways of dealing with things would have created a lot of conflict and unhappiness. Now I feel calm and softer inside. Instead of reacting when triggered I am able to sit with my emotions, understand them and be kind to myself. The follow up coaching calls were great too. Sally is so positive and affirming. Each call gave me a massive boost. I feel better able to deal with the emotional journey I am going through and positive about my future.
Anonymous - July 2019

My preconceptions about hypnosis were that it would help me relax, but I wasn't sure how else it could help practically with my life.  The reason I wanted to try RTT was I'd heard it could help shift old memories that might be holding me back.  The one big transformation for me was a greater sense of self worth and confidence, which I wasn't expecting.  Other things that have shifted were my focus and self discipline, particularly around my self care and health.   I would describe Sally as kind, professional and really passionate about helping people.   I would recommend Sally to anyone wanting to make a change in their life, let go of their old stuff and feel free to move forwards.
August 2019

I’ve had 2 RTT sessions with Sally and the process has been completely transformative. I’ve made changes in how I eat over and feel much healthier.  I’ve  learnt to create a balance in my life since having my first baby and to understand my emotions. I honestly feel like a new woman! Sally is wonderfully supportive and I have felt really at ease during the sessions. Highly recommended.
Rosie Alban - July 2019

"Having RTT with Sally has definitely helped me.  I came because I was anxious and my thoughts were my not my friends, I was a real worrier.  A month after RTT and I now feel more self assured.  I’m confident that I don’t have to be a certain way around people in social situations, I can relax and be myself.  Also I can let go and go with the flow much more.  I’m having to move out of my flat in 8 weeks and before I would have been in a tail spin about it but I’m dealing with it so much better now.  I’m more chilled about my direction in life too.  I’m going to finish my PHD and see what happens.  I’m not trying to force a direction and I believe now that you don’t need to control things to make life go well.  It’s a myth that if I let go nothing’s going to get done.  What a relief.  I would highly recommend Sally if you’re suffering with anxiety."
Tasmin Humphries - June 2019

 "I would like to say a massive thank you for my singing experience last year.   I was given singing lessons for Christmas as my partner knew that I wanted to learn to sing. I tried to sing and even under your gentle supervision it was so tough, like trying to climb over an insurmountable obstacle, because when I tried to sing all I could hear was my own voice saying that I couldn’t do it. I had mimed for 40 years before I came to you so you had your work cut out! You suggested RTT and just one session with you was transformational for me! I walked out singing, and my voice had changed, permanently."  
Sarah - June 2019

"Just wanted to give you an update on the RTT that you did.  I’m sleeping 7-8 hours a night now.  I’m back to normal with no waking up at 2.30am anxious, (which went on for 5 months).  Once again you’ve worked miracles!"  
Ashley Baldwin - June 2019 

"RTT was the final piece of the jigsaw for me, without it I wouldn’t have reached this point. People will never know that my greatest achievement has been this internal one. I have loads of medals and achieved great success from the Army but none of them come close to what I’ve achieved internally. External accolades used to be my life but they mean nothing to me now. Even the dogs are behaving better! The chronic fatigue I had is now on its way out, I’m now able to lift weights again and I feel like I could run a marathon. I feel like I’m now starting my life at age 40. Because of the recording every single word has changed my chemical make up, I’m believing that less is more, I have a simpler life which is actually far fuller. I’m calmer, slower and gentle, compassionate for myself, I’ve found the love for myself. I needed my sub conscious mind to be spoken to rather than trying to use my conscious mind to help me grow. Everything has been pieced together and now, to top it all off, I finally have the house of my dreams that I’ve been searching for for 2 years. RTT has definitely had something to do with that! I can safely say, this is the happiest I’ve ever been (and I’ve been through a lot of trauma) thanks for your amazing work and RTT.” 
Claire - June 2019

"After struggling with anxiety issues since I was a child I have witnessed the power of the mind and the impact in can have on my daily life. When RTT was suggested as a suitable therapy I was at first sceptical as I didn’t like the thought of being out of control. This proved not to be the case. Sally makes the entire process feel safe and professional. Prior to the session I was asked to complete some simple questions and I was given reading material about the science behind RTT. When arriving at Sally’s I was immediately made to feel relaxed and comfortable which also settled my nerves. Throughout the hypnosis I was constantly reassured and I was overwhelmed by the power of the sensations I experienced. Sally’s knowledge and understanding is fantastic and her manner makes her feel like she is an old friend. After the session I did feel a little groggy which is expected when you have been in such a deep mindful state. I felt a real change in my approach to anxiety almost immediately and the experience will stay with me for life. Sally gave me a personalised recording to listen to after the session. It was recommended that I listen to it daily, this was my biggest challenge as I struggled to make the time to listen to it but after my session Sally was in contact to ensure I was making good progress. I have never felt alone during the process.  After a couple of months I can see fantastic changes in my attitude towards anxiety and I have Sally to thank."  
Emily Barnet - May 2019

"I had the most wonderful RTT session with Sally two weeks ago. After completing much self improvement work I wanted to tackle an issue that has been causing me considerable problems. I felt overwhelmed to know where to eating!!! I felt anxious when I would become hungry so ate in order to not experience that sensation. When I did eat I would wolf down my food to the consternation of my family! After one gentle, professional and loving session with Sally we were able to get to the route of my problem and clear away my long held negative feelings around food. As a result I have now lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks. I have not had the urge to eat or drink anything that is not healthy and beneficial to my body. Finally, I have found peace! With the 20 minute hypnosis recording I am able to reinforce these new found beliefs and behaviours and now feel like a new woman watching her new slim body materialise. Thank you Sally."
Tina Slade - May 2019

“I was at the hospital to today regarding my ear and the final operation (basically I needed a skin graft or plastic surgery on my ear). I’ve been away for the last week and every day I was listening to your recording ‘Command Cell Therapy’ - the doctors looked at my ear today and they cannot believe how it’s completely healed up and they don’t even need to do a skin graft on it now - I’ve got the all clear. The doctors were like ‘what have you been doing?’ and I just said, I’ve been doing a lot of hypnotherapy!!”   Carolanne - March 2019

I can not thank you enough for my session of Rapid Transformational Therapy.   Firstly your kind & gentle nature put me at ease as soon as I arrived at your lovely space.   I am so impressed with how RTT works. I believe some of our blocks are so deep & unconscious that it takes something as powerful as RTT to reach it.   Sally is so in tune with the client & holds them so lovingly & gently as they uncover what in their unconscious is ready to be released.   I would recommend Sally to everyone, especially if you’ve tried many modalities & can’t seem to release your blocks . It’s a powerful & life changing experience. The investment in yourself is totally worth it. It may seem expensive initially but you’ll be saving yourself years of other therapies, so is really worth it.  Plus Sally really looks after you after the session & is there if you wobble or need any more support .  Sarah Goodman -  March 2019

"Sally, I just want to thank you for your compassionate loving support and integrity.  The work we did around fear of rejection and visibility was so astounding.  I felt completely held by you as we uncovered and cleared the post traumatic stress stored in my body from sexual abuse.  Our last session was great, I feel like a new person.   The guilt and hurt has lifted and I feel so much lighter and safe in my own skin.  This is a massive transformation, I’ve even stopped emotional eating and drinking and lost a few pounds, so another great bonus of our work together!  I would recommend you without hesitation as a deeply compassionate, intuitive and gifted healer.  With love and thanks."   P.P - February 2019

"Hi Sally. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being a part of the success of my weight loss. Over 4 stone!!! What RTT gave me was a chance to kick-start addressing my overeating. It allowed me to look back at what had driven me to over-eat in the first place. I read around the subject and it appears to be common knowledge that any form of therapy isn't a magic solution. You still have to commit to the programme. I listened to the recording religiously, I became more aware of what I was eating and why I was having certain cravings. I started to exercise more, abstained from alcohol and checked myself regularly as to whether I was slipping back into old habits. I have to say, I get a huge amount of compliments about my new 'look' which gives me a massive boost in confidence. As I say, you were part of the journey and a huge help to get my on the road to recovering.. Thank you so much x"  Russ Grooms - Dec 2018

"Hi Sally, you were right things have been happening, the Universe has my back and some life changing stuff has happened in the past two weeks.  I have now moved to Brighton, I am so happy to be back here, I listen to the recording every night, I have slept through with no anxiety for nearly a week now.   I received unexpected flowers from my new landlord, I won £200 pamper products (never won anything in my life) and I got a call yesterday apparently I’d been entered into a raffle and won a huge box of chocolates.   It’s crazy, but you predicted things would change for me and they have.   But something else has happened.  I have totally met my perfect partner after being in an unhappy marriage for so long.  I know I have further challenges ahead of me but the joy I have felt in the last week and self love have been indescribable,  I deserve to be loved and I do matter in the world.  Thank you so much for your help."   Mary Cullen - December 2018

I'd never been hypnotised before but I've seen amazing results from people giving up smoking so was intrigued as to how it would work for me. I've also seen a friend cured from a phobia of blood after using hypnosis so all my preconceptions were positive.   I wanted to use RTT to help shift my fear of becoming more visible on line with social media i.e. doing Facebook lives, posting on my business page and commenting. I had a mental block and at times felt paralysed when it came to pressing the 'go live' button. This was despite knowing that what I had to share was valuable and those watching were almost certainly going to give me a positive response. I had an inkling that some of this fear was due to childhood experiences and living with a controlling and, at times, narcissistic, parent. Somebody who would regularly put me down, make me feel not good enough and that I was an embarrassment to her.  Sally was simply amazing. She had such a wonderful, calming voice and even before the session began I was able to convey to her some of my ideas as to why I was struggling with my visibility. I'd not shared this with anybody before and it was a testament to the instant rapport I felt and how at ease Sally put me.   I now know that when I'm feeling not good enough, or worried about being judged it is a chance for me to go back, in my mind, to my childhood. It's a chance to imagine going into my old house, scooping up the younger version of me, giving her a hug and letting her know that she's loved and adored. This has been so powerful for me and helped me immensely to move forward in so many aspects of my life. I genuinely feel that I have a renewed sense of confidence. My mum always criticises how I look, my clothes, my hair etc. even now. I believe this has affected how I dress and holds me back from trying out new styles/outfits for fear of being judged. Since my session with Sally so much has shifted round this and I've been shopping and bought clothes I'd never dreamed of wearing previously! I was at a meeting a couple of weekends ago and I have never had so many compliments or people walk passed me who simply didn't recognise me!  I'm now excited about going live and posting my content. I'm doing a vlogging course where we are encouraged to post daily in the group, perfect lighting, sound etc and I'm now chomping at the bit to get my content out there. The feedback from the group has been amazing too and added to my renewed confidence. Sally combines her expertise in RTT with her beautiful soul and delivers a powerful and remarkable package helping to you to move forward in every aspect of your life.  Anonymous - September 2018

I had experienced hypnotherapy before, but not regression. I'd heard this was a particularly powerful type of intervention that revisited events in childhood. I expected this to be more challenging and hopefully more effective than hypnotherapy. I wanted to drink less alcohol. I'd tried quite a few other methods - dry months, support groups, therapy, hypnosis CDs, books, online programmes...I wanted to try something that was quick and effective for moderating my drinking (as opposed to abstinence). Abstinence hadn't worked for me and most programmes take the view that moderate drinking is nigh on impossible. So I was stuck. Also, whenever I stopped drinking I'd return to other bad habits I'd kicked before, like overeating or smoking. It was like whack-a-mole. I felt there was something preventing me from being healthy and that was what I needed to deal with. I felt that overdrinking was a symptom, not the root cause. It was lovely working with Sally. She was reassuring, but also pragmatic. She didn't judge my objectives or motivations (though she did ask me to clarify them). I felt confident she knew what she was doing from the first 'discovery' call that we had right through to the follow-up call a week after. I am now a selective, moderate drinker! I always believed I was an all-or-nothing kind of person, and that my only choices were to drink excessively or not at all. It's been nearly 3 weeks since the session and I haven't binged once. Some days I don't drink even when others around me are drinking a lot. I don't feel deprived and I haven't switched to other self-destructive habits - in fact I'm picking up healthier habits like eating better and exercising more regularly. It's like I'd got stuck in self-destructive mode, and the session hit the 'reset' button. I'm enjoying better sleep, and my partner is starting to follow my example and drink less too. It's nice to feel like I'm a good example rather than a terrible warning! It' very easy to work with Sally. She's neither judgmental nor fluffy - just down-to-earth and very good at turning your personal objectives into powerful subconscious messages, reinforced in the recording she gives you to listen to every day. But the main shift for me was in the regression session. I would say that if you're committed to change, but are struggling to make it happen, the cost is well worth it compared to months of therapy or endless self-help programmes. I've already recommended Sally some friends and colleagues.  Anonymous - September 2018

"I had a session of RTT as a birthday gift to myself and to help free up my voice which had become restricted through a time of battling anxiety and confidence. I would highly recommend Sally to anyone. I was worried I wouldn't be able to find the root causes but with her guidence I found some pretty deep rooted ones! Sally is warm and intuitive, I found her to be knoledgable in what she does, I also felt well supported throughout the whole prossess and afterwards too including a follow up session, I also found the recording to listen to from home is relaxing and I enjoy listening to it and having that time for myself. An amazing birthday gift and it has made some real possitive changes that I know will be lasting and I have noticed the difference in how my voice feels too, it definetly feels freer! Thankyou so much Sally!"  Katie Hamlet - June 2016

"I had an RTT session with Sally a few weeks ago to address my needle phobia. The 2 hour session was insightful and profound, and Sally was warm and professional. The 'take-away' recording has been really useful to reinforce the session. I had a blood test today...and I got through it OK!"  Ric Morris - June 2018

"Having had hypnotherapy beforehand, I wanted to explore RTT as I was in great need of support for compulsive eating and relationship issues.  Since having RTT I am definitely not obsessing as much and feel more unburdened by previous issues that were, at times, tormenting me. I feel calmer and addictive cravings have definitely lessened.  On a scale of 1 - 10 I would say the success of the treatment has been a miraculous 8 - I have some more work to do, but this has given me a huge head-start in the process.   Sally offered a nurturing, empathetic environment making me feel safe, heard, understood and accepted; everything my lonely inner child was feeling starved of. I am very grateful to her and I would highly recommend her."   Tanja Gangar - January 2018

"I came to see Sally after repetitive and obsessive thought patterns about an old issue that kept resurfacing. I felt like my own mind kept tormenting me with images and thoughts that would even wake me in the night or be the first thing I thought of in the morning.  Since the treatment and the follow up ‘homework’ I have been aware that the emotional charge has disappeared. I’ve noticed that if my mind wanders to thoughts of the issue then it doesn’t ‘lock onto it’ and I am able to let it pass. This feels really liberating and has increased my confidence 10 fold. I feel greater levels of self acceptance and love for myself.  Sally is a beautiful soul, who was so welcoming and held a safe space for me to explore and release some long held beliefs. I would thoroughly recommend working with Sally to anyone who is ready to let go of what is no longer serving them!"  Trish - January 2018.

“Without believing in miracles, I did resolve to put any cynicism to one side.  So far so very, very positive. I’m now two months in. I’ve not felt any desire to eat certain foods, and I’ve noticed a strong will in myself to stay healthy, to look after myself more.  I’ve lost weight, I’m very pleased, but it’s more about how I feel. Less tired, so much more energetic, more positive and self-respectful. I’ve had a few wobbles but got straight back on my horse and know that I will call Sally or book another RTT session if I start to lose my way again. Sally told me it was about harnessing the power of my subconscious and I want to give myself what I deserve, so I need to believe I deserve to be well and this is helping me, without a doubt.  With addictions, I know there is no cure as such, there’s only recovery, management and self-care, and we need to ask for help. I’m so pleased I’ve taken this step and I would absolutely recommend giving it your trust and working with Sally for her lovely and down-to-earth approach.”  Anne Joan, Brighton January 2018

"I came to see Sally because I had issues with trusting myself and my capabilities at work and in my personal life.  Since my RTT session I’ve been producing work with confidence and work that is successful & these differences are so noticeable that my boss has commented. I feel like the limitations I had on myself have been removed.   I’ve been standing more in ME, standing stronger.  I accept myself more.  It made me realise how much fear held me back in the past.    I’m feeling more assertive. I can ask for help and have been able to catch myself before repeating old patterns.  In a follow up call with Sally she gave me great insight into what I was feeling. Thank you.  I would highly recommend RTT, it’s a fantastic therapy."  Alexandra Ward, November 2017

"I’d strongly recommend doing RTT with Sally. I found it very beneficial: 

  • I am feeling more relaxed than before. I’m catching myself at times when I might previously have been self-critical, or gone into “hyper” mode, and so I can get myself out of it and feel more grounded as a result. 
  • I feel better equipped to cope with people when I would previously have had trouble. I actually feel like people are not being as difficult as they were before!   
  • The RTT process was positive: it was quite intense and very effective compared to other therapies I have tried. It started with a short questionnaire to get me thinking about what I wanted to achieve, then an exploratory call, and then the session with Sally, where she explored my issue in more detail and conducted the hypnosis therapy session. I came away from that with a recording which I needed to listen to every day for 21 days. I have found the recording really helpful, and enjoy listening to it. I feel like I was heard - Sally captured all the key points in the recording, and it’s very powerful."   P. Talvin - October 2017

After having a session with Sally for anxiety and procrastination I immediately became more productive and felt more positive about what I want to do. I felt more motivated with a clearer mind and I wasn’t holding everything in my head. I feel very light and free now and I’m not dwelling on the past. It’s been a really positive experience for me and worked really well.    Megan.  J.  - October 2017

I cannot believe, that after all these year, I am now a non smoker.  You've literally saved my life!  My lungs feel amazing and no withdrawal symptoms too.  Just incredible!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  L. Hamilton - September 2017

I came to see Sally for fear of public speaking and realised how much stuff there was under the surface I'd been carrying around with me for so many years that was holding me back. I feel like I've broken through some major blocks and this morning I got my first public speaking gig. It seems that my energy has changed big time. Thank you so much. I feel unstoppable now. I would highly recommend her.  J. Goodchild - October 2017

I came across Sally at a very key point in my life – it’s as though she appeared when I needed it the most! I’ve never really had hypnotherapy as I wasn’t drawn to it however I was really impressed by the session I had with Sally. We had a chat on the phone about a week before where I felt like she really listened to the issues I was describing. So when I met up with her, I felt that she knew exactly what I was looking for and she had tailored the session exactly to my needs. It was a very powerful session and I have been feeling positive since then. Sally also gives you a recording to listen to for 21 days after your session. She is a lovely, intuitive and highly professional therapist and I would highly recommend having a session with her.  Cecilia Cabodi - September 2017

I went to see Sally with a back problem, and I got a whole lot more than I bargained for. Not only did my back problem start to alleviate, my confidence sky rocketed! I had an exam the very next day that I never thought I would pass, but passed with flying colours. Sally really is a beautiful soul, she knows what she’s doing, and get real results, FAST!   Clare Walling - September 2017

I had a great session with Sally to work on my issues with confidence and self esteem. Sally was great and really calming, I am amazed at how quickly she identified my issues and helped me resolve them. The results were amazing and immediate. I would recommend Sally to anyone.  GD, Liverpool - September 2017

Thank you so much for the RTT session, you have such a lovely hypnosis voice. I'm so happy I have actually done something about this behavioural problem in relationships.  I've been listening to the recording everyday and feel so much better.  My boyfriend and I haven't argued and I my emotional responses with him are so much more relaxed now. I'm no longer being triggered!   L. Jeanne Dore - August 2017

Sally is lovely.  I wanted to work on some relationship blockages that I had. I had strong and painful reactions to people's judgements especially if they are coming from a man I like. Sally showed me where those reactions were coming from and she helped me to return to my power. Those reactions would normally hurt me, but not anymore, as Sally helped me to get deeper insights and deeper understanding that I can have my boundaries, because now I am an adult and have freedom and choice. I am not that “child” anymore who had no choice but to be always under the control of adults.  I feel very  happy now. Marina Domanskaja - September 2017

RTT made a big impression on me - I had an incredible sleep the night of the session. I've been listening to the recording every evening and feel there is a general improvement in my sleep quality, and in my general attitude towards speaking my mind. Thank you.
T. Mills - August 2017