Imagine if we could heal through menopause

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The menopause transition can often feel lonely, so let's ponder these for a moment...

Would it feel nice to get some clarity as you talk through your menopause transition and some of the issues you're facing?

Would it be amazing to have some help to get re motivated for maintaining good nutrition habits, exercise, sleep habits and relaxation techniques?

Would it help you to have a sounding board for when challenges arise during midlife, such as anxiety, depression, anger, grief & loss of confidence?

Yes?  Well, I'd like to ask you this one final question...

Would it be nice to have someone you can trust to support you?

If you're reading this and nodding along to those questions above, maybe you're here for a reason.  And maybe that reason is because you've reached the end of your tether and you're ready to get the 1:2:1 support you need (and quite frankly, deserve). 

So why have a Solution Session?

My hunch is that you already KNOW what to do to help your menopause/midlife transition run smoothly, but you're finding it tough to do alone. 

Maybe you know you need to:

👉Upgrade to first class eating/drinking
👉Take the right kind of exercise
👉Set firmer boundaries with your sleep
👉Set firmer boundaries with others
👉Put your own needs first for a change
👉Implement self care strategies
👉Ask for more help/time/money
👉Re-gain your confidence
👉Make friends with your feelings
👉Open yourself up to pleasure

But why is it so difficult? 

Do you mind if I hazard a guess?

A) Because change is a bit scary
B) Because self sabotage is a REAL thing.
C) Because you might have absorbed limiting beliefs that 'menopause is miserable' (totally not your fault btw).

And that's where I come in.  


Did you know that emotional wounds and a belief that 'I am not enough' are at the centre of menopause mayhem?  Because of my therapy background, combined with my menopause certification, I can help you find your enoughness so that you're motivated to 👇🏾

Figure out what you really want...


so that every decision you make is in full alignment with your new midlife values.

Figure out how you're gonna get there...


so that you can gain clarity, solidarity and certainty (even when it all gets a bit messy).


Create the internal & external architecture to make all of that happen...


so that you can breathe knowing you have mental & practical toolkit to get yourself out of a funk.

When it comes to 'the change', a change is what you need.  

So here's my solution. 

Pay as you go Solution Sessions

Solution Session - 90 Mins


Come away feeling motivated AND with a proper plan around...

  • Food habits
  • Exercise habits
  • Sleep habits
  • Pleasure habits
  • Relationship happiness
  • Career direction
  • Mental & Emotional Health
  • Your Support System

And let's make a plan!


I know you don't need months of expensive coaching, but what you do need is someone to help you re-ignite that spark every so often when you start to lose momentum.

Got questions? 

(Of course you do, you're a smart cookie)


Client Results


Anonymous - July 2019

"I was going through a crisis in my marriage when I contacted Sally and booked in with her. In between making the booking and my sessions my husband and I decided to separate.  I wasn't sure if it would be good timing to start this work but Sally assured me it was perfect timing.  Sally was so right. I am certain if I had not had my sessions at the start of this big change in my life my old ways of dealing with things would have created a lot of conflict and unhappiness. Now I feel calm and softer inside. Instead of reacting when triggered I am able to sit with my emotions, understand them and be kind to myself. Sally is so positive and affirming. Each call gave me a massive boost. I feel better able to deal with the emotional journey I am going through and positive about my future."

Polly Warren - Oct 2020

"I feel like I’ve come so far since our first session.  I feel so much more grounded within myself and so much more confident.   Before our sessions I felt very stuck and I didn’t feel good enough to do the things I wanted to do.  But now I’m taking steps and moving towards my life/career goals knowing that nothing has to be perfect and I can learn and grow along the way. "

Maddy Stretton - Dec 2020

"Having Sally as guide through my first experience of therapy and coaching has been amazing. I have tried different therapies over the years but as I am heading into perimenopause I really wanted to work with someone who got where I was. Sally is incredibly easy to talk to with zero judgement and she really allowed me to say stuff I hadn't addressed ever but had carried around with me. I did my homework consistently and as a result I feel like there is more of me in the world. I'm not fearful, I take action, I'm on a journey and I feel a confidence in myself that I haven't had for years or maybe ever. I am managing life much more easily, without stress, without overwhelming fear or over thinking."

Not sure it's menopause? 

If you're experiencing any or many of these symptoms and you're edging towards late 30's, early 40's or into your 40's and 50's, you might be having symptoms related to peri menopause

Difficulty concentrating

Weight gain

Dizzy spells


Stress incontenance

Brittle nails


Irregular heart beat

Body odour changes


Panic disorder


Hot flushes

Night sweats

Irregular periods

Mood swings

Vagina dryness

Decreased libido


Breast soreness

Burning mouth

Joint pain

Digestive problems


Electric shocks

Muscles tension

Gum problems

Tingling extremeties

Itchy skin (formication)



Disrupted sleep

Hair loss

Memory lapses


There is no need to suffer in silence.  Many women feel so much better after a 90 minute Solution Session because they come away:

*feeling heard and understood
*a heck of a lot clearer about what to do next
*motivated and inspired about their next steps

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