Why Knowing About The Reticular Activating System Can Help You Make Changes

We painted our hallway blue, beautiful Marrakech blue, now I can't stop seeing it everywhere I go. 

My husband is the same.  Whenever we watch a film, go into a shop or restaurant, we see it.


On the wall, in a picture, someone's wearing it. 

I'm sure it's always been there, we've just never NOTICED it before. 

But now, because this blue has MEANING to us, we are seeing it everywhere!  

Ta Dah ⬆️

Ok, I'm making a meal out of this for effect, because I knew this would happen after we'd painted our walls. 

And I knew this would happen because I'm fascinated with the Reticular Activating System.  

Here's a quick 101 on the RAS. 

The RAS is a network of neurons in the brain which acts as a filter for sensory information determining what stimuli are important and deserving of our attention.  We need this filtration system in our brain because in reality, there's just too much information in the world for us process at any one time.  We don't know it, but we are only seeing a teeny tiny fragment of what is there.  We literally miss so much.  

Now let's think about that for a moment.  

In a nutshell the RAS means:

you only see what is meaningful to you
you only notice what you give weight to  
you only become more aware of what is important to you.

If we actually stop to think about this, we might realise that this mechanism has far reaching consequences because if we consciously leverage it's functions, it can help us to achieve what we want.  It might help us to notice opportunities and resources that align with our objectives. 

But if we don't consciously leverage it's function we will likely be at the mercy of it.

For example,  if you were raised in a certain environment (or if you watch the news) you may have a natural bias towards fear and stress.  If this is the case you will start seeing fear and stress everywhere confirming your bias in things to be fearful and stressed about.  

This is when we get blocked & stuck,  because when we're locked into this paradigm of thinking, it's hard to get out of it unless we start to elevate our awareness with meta-cognition, prize ourselves out with determination and choose to THINK differently using the principles of subconscious reprogramming. 

This is what I do inside Rapid Transformational Therapy.  RTT is a wonderful process that brings to light your biases.  It shows you where they came from and why they are not really yours.  It also springboards you into a new way of thinking so that you can start to NOTICE DIFFERENTLY, seeing the 'blue' rather than the 'black',  improving the foundations of your mental and emotional health. 

The premise that RTT works on, is that that multiple realities can be true at once. You just need to CHOOSE one that you prefer. 

RTT helps you to jump trains so that you're heading towards success-ville.

So what paradigm do you want to shift out of?

Where do you want to start seeing blue not black? 

If you're curious about this wonderful therapy and working with me to help you out of a stuck mindset, I'd be more than happy to have a complementary call with you.  

You can get that scheduled in here


RTT with me is accessible from Brighton, Shoreham, Hove, East Sussex AND online

RTT helps with anxiety, weight loss, depression, low confidence, social anxiety, exercise motivation, stuckness & blocks, public speaking, fears, phobias, auto immune issues, relationship disharmony, frequent urination, migraines, low libido, hot flushes, insomnia, brain fog, scattered focus, vaso vagal syncope, fears around ageing and anything that requires a change of perception or behaviour.  



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