Make Positive changes to your Eating Habits and Behaviours with Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Brighton?

Weight gain is never anyone's fault.  You are NOT weak, lazy or a failure.  Hypnotherapy will help you understand why your eating is disordered; why the weight wants to stick to you (and doesn't want to leave) and how you can tap into the most powerful part of you (your subconscious) to free yourself from limited outdated thinking about who you think you should be.  

Hypnotherapy has been a successful method to help treat people who want to get to the root of why they find it hard to shift weight.   Visit Sally Garozzo Hypnotherapy to get the help you deserve in shedding weight.

I completely understand what it feels like when you're unable to lose weight despite trying different methods.

With weight loss hypnotherapy in Brighton, you will garner the skills to help you change the mindset and  beliefs that are blocking you from weight loss. 

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Brighton
Rapid Transformational Therapy with Sally Garozzo

How It Works?

  •  Step 1: The path to losing weight with hypnotherapy is a systematic process. The first step is for us to have a conversation about your issue and about who you are. This is 45 mins and is complementary. 
  • Step 2:  In this stage, I regress your mind back to why the weight MUST be there and why the disordered eating is present.  Once we've got clarity we rewire your mind for what you want.  To learn more about the method that I use click here.  
  • Step 3: After the session, you need to listen to a 20-minute personalised hypnotherapy session for the next 30 days to re-wire you brain for better habits and greater self love.


I'm here to help you:

I understand that change is hard and often waiting for the right time to make a change is lost time when you can be doing something about it.  But tune into yourself. Does now feel like the right time? If so, maybe I can be your trusted confidante in your journey for weight management. With my weight loss hypnotherapy in Brighton experience, you can gain better control over your life, stop unnecessary cravings, and release the weight that you've been subconsciously holding onto.  

Rapid Transformational Therapy with Sally Garozzo

Reprogram Your Mind for Weight Loss

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If you are looking for help in managing your weight, get in touch with me. I can guide you in the right direction with my weight loss hypnotherapy expertise. Start your journey by booking a complimentary 45-minute session with me. For any queries regarding the process, you can always contact me.

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Rapid Transformational Therapy with Sally Garozzo

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