Understanding Sleep Apnea with Emma Cooksey


My guest today, Emma Cooksey, was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea at the age of 30, after more than a decade of unexplained health problems.

Once diagnosed, she felt incredibly alone while navigating life with sleep apnea and adjusting to CPAP therapy.

After learning a great deal she began hosting a weekly podcast, “Sleep Apnea Stories.”

By sharing her journey and encouraging others to tell their stories, Emma has been breaking down stereotypes of sleep apnea while also raising awareness of symptoms and treatment options.

During our conversation today we touch on: 

😴 What's it like doing a sleep study
 😴 What are they measuring during a sleep study
 😴 What exactly is sleep apnea
 😴 Symptoms of sleep apnea
 😴 Treatments for sleep apnea
 😴 Risk factors for sleep apnea
 😴 Why does it seem to come up at menopause
 😴 Nervous system implications
 So listen now if you're ready to enjoy gaining some new knowledge.

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