Paradigms I'm No Longer Subscribing To

Healing from anything is often a time when we come out of the matrix and as a result, our perspective shifts dramatically.


Before we take a look at the paradigms I’m no longer subscribing to (and why), let’s take a look at what exactly a paradigm is.


A paradigm is a framework, model or way of thinking. Essentially it's a lens through which individuals, communities, countries, political parties, organisations and religions interpret the world around them. It's how they define problems and search for solutions.


Paradigms define the scope of enquiry, establish boundaries and set the criteria for what is considered valid and important.


Paradigms are often well established and can be hard to change because they are often accepted as the ‘norms’. However some paradigms are extremely harmful to our mental and emotional wellbeing.


Shifting a paradigm often requires a kind of 'rebellion' as a way of taking our power back.


Here are some of paradigms that I’m no longer subscribing to.


Grind Culture - capitalism wants our nose to the grindstone to fulfil an ever increasing order of growth. Instead I’m listening to MY body taking more rest and redefining financial success to be ‘enough’ rather than ‘more’.


Not Enoughness - the patriarchy wants people dissatisfied with their appearance, their relationship status, their child status, their career level and I’m done giving that idea any kind of power. The way I look is enough and all my personal statuses are enough.


Emotional Congestion - holding it together to remain socially acceptable is just a no from me. Emotions are a beautiful part of life. All of them are welcome. As I allow them to move through me, I free myself from the exhausting masks I have to wear to keep them down so that I can feel like I fit in somewhere. Just no. I am no longer ashamed of my feelings and I let them out in healthy and creative ways.


Only Youth is Sexy - The cultural normative idea of what is sexy is so restrictive and destructive to an ageing population. I'm dedicated to finding my own personal idea of sexy as I age through whatever means I'm drawn to and I reject the idea that only young is sexy.


Isolation and Struggle - Divide and conquer are the strings that capitalism pulls. By exploiting our differences they keep us in ‘fight’ mode, perpetually on screen defending our positions (if we're on screen they can sell to us). This is a hard one for me but I’m committed to recognising it. My intention is to disengaging from the pull of isolation and reach out to friends when I need support, even if it feels difficult. Wiring in isolation means that asking for help often feels unsafe and unfamiliar. I’m committed to changing this.


So here are some questions for you to think about or journal on.


Which one do you resonate with?


Are there any that I haven't mentioned here?


What paradigms have you shifted in your own life and what paradigms are you currently holding on to that might be keeping you stuck, blocked or ill?    Maybe its....


Menopause is miserable.
Change is hard.
You can't trust anyone.


So if you're feeling like you need a paradigm reset (and you need help coming out of the matrix), why not consider having a Rapid Transformational Therapy session with me?  I help so many people every week to shift their thinking and lift them out of blocked states.   The change you have been looking more, might be just around the corner.  


RTT helps with anxiety, weight loss, depression, menopause & PMDD, insomnia, relationship issues,  auto-immune issues, fears/phobias and is available online or in my clinic in Brighton, close to Shoreham, Lewes, and Peacehaven. 




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