So you've had your hypnotherapy session, now HOW do you make the changes stick?

Frankly there’s no point in making the investment in RTT if the changes are not going to stick right?


So how do we make that happen for you to help you with your weight loss journey, or your anxiety recovery or whatever else you're here for,  even after you've listened to your recording for 30 days?


Short of me living with you and following you around everywhere, you’re going to have to apply some principles by yourself.


Here’s what I recommend [adapted from ACT therapy principles].


Purpose - KNOW the reason WHY you want to continue the change. What are your values? Why are they important to you and how are you going to commit to them? Also, what are the consequences of reverting back to the old way of thinking or the old behaviour?


Practice - Changing thought and behaviour patterns is a PRACTICE. Just like you have to practice golf to get better at golf you have to practice choosing a different thought and behaviour to get better at choosing a different thought and behaviour. So you have to make time for practice. This may involve carving out extra time in your day or it might involve simply slowing down through your day in order to give yourself space to practice the new thoughts and behaviours within the various contexts of your life.


Patience - So you messed up, no worries, you’re human after all. Maybe one of the things you need to practice is messing up without shame, embarrassment or guilt? What a marvellous opportunity that has just presented itself. Simply get back in the saddle and keep going. But more importantly…


Plan - What did you learn from messing up? What did you do that worked and what did you do that didn’t work? Evaluate and put a plan in place to avoid pitfalls next time.


Patterns - Are you becoming more and more aware of patterns that exist in your behaviour and mind? What are they? Are they useful not? How can you get your needs better met based on the patterns that you observe?


Process - Life is a process. Emotional regulation is a process. Healing is a process. How therefore, can you remain untangled from the process that you are going through, so that you can avoid tying up your self esteem and worthiness up in your success or failure?


So there you have it.


Essentially ALL therapy, whether it’s RTT or something else will require some input on your part to make the changes go from states to traits. I hope you’ve found these steps useful to consider in your own life.


Rapid Transformational Therapy with Sally Garozzo is accessible from Brighton, Shoreham, East Sussex and Hove  and is also available online.  


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