How the Mind Works When It Comes To Change

What is it that you want to change?  Do you want to change your eating patterns, lose weight, think better thoughts or fearlessly get out of your comfort zone? 

No matter what you want to change, follow these rules of the mind and this will help you.


Any internal issue you have in your life like depression or anxiety (even if it's something you don't want) GIVES you something and your mind thinks you need it because your mind does exactly what it thinks you are asking you. Let's unpack this. Your subconscious mind is like the most unbiased butler. It does whatever it is told. But the butler takes his cues from your unconscious mind OR your super conscious mind. Your unconscious mind is the mind of protection and fear and it's where all of your experiences are stored including your childhood. Your super conscious mind is your mind of boundless opportunity and it's where your creativity, your imagination and your intuition comes from. In RTT we go on a journey to utilise all aspects of your mind so that all parts of you can get onside with yourself and affect change within you.



The information being transported to the subconscious mind (the diligent butler) gets conveyed via words and pictures. These words and pictures can either comes from your unconscious mind or your superconscious mind. The unconscious mind has a very limited point of view whereas the superconscious mind has a very expanded point of view. In RTT we use powerful words and pictures to help you zoom out and tap into the power of a wider 'non absolute' perspective. Following on from your RTT session your job is to listen to the recording for 30 days (and beyond if necessary) to help you maintain that wider perspective coming from your super conscious mind. It's also your job to assert your will to consciously act out whatever is in your recording. For example, if I say "you wake up every morning and praise yourself" you must make a concerted effort to do this. 



Your mind absolutely loves the familiar and hates the unfamiliar. It considers the familiar pleasurable (even if it's causing you pain) because the familiar feels safe to your mind. So in order to change an unwanted behaviour, you have to make it unfamiliar. Rapid Transformational Therapy helps with this but it also helps you to recognise that a certain amount of discomfort might be required to change. When you know this, it's easier to link the idea of discomfort to progress (and as long as you truly WANT progress). With RTT most people feel so much more motivated to experience this 'discomfort' (and many say it's not even that bad and wondered why they waited so long to change). After 21 days of doing the new habit and thinking the new thoughts, new neural networks in your brain will be in place making it feel like the new habit has always been there (eg. the new normal). 


Rapid Transformational Therapy is a powerful 2-3 hour process done under hypnosis to help you gain freedom from all sorts of issues including:  anxiety, insomnia, fears, phobias, addictions, midlife crisis, relationship issues, disordered eating, OCD, auto-immune issues.  RTT is a hybrid treatment combining the best bits of psychotherapy, CBT and positive suggestion therapy all done under hypnosis.  If you're interested in a free consultation, click here


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