Homeopathy to Enable Self Healing Through Menopause with Sarah Davison


Has menopause left you feeling very untrusting of your body?  😳

The symptoms!  Oh the symptoms!  Over 48 of them now last time I looked.

But what are all these symptoms telling us?  

That our body is breaking? That our body failing? That we are degenerating?  

I have to say, I'm a little more optimistic than that.

What if these symptoms were actually a result of the body trying to heal itself? 

If we thought about it that way, how differently might we treat our entire menopausal transition?

My guest today is Sarah Davison, a homeopath specialising in menopause

In this conversation we talk about...

👉🏽 The two aspects of yourself that need to be included if deep healing is to take place. 
👉🏽 An explanation of how homeopathy works that you'll actually get.
👉🏽 The big energy issue that many menopausal women face.
👉🏽 What exactly can homeopathy treat.
👉🏽 The surprising ways you might experience change with homeopathy.
👉🏽 Why homeopathy is completely different to supplements and herbs.
👉🏽 What do vaccinations and homeopathy have in common?
👉🏽 The mind blowing power of homeostasis.
👉🏽 The incredible truth about symptoms.
👉🏽 A surprisingly helpful take on hot flushes and adrenal burnout.
👉🏽 A beautiful (but sad) personification of your adrenal glands.
👉🏽 The biggest mistakes peri menopausal women make.
👉🏽 Why there are 551 homeopathic remedies for hot flushes.
👉🏽 The often overlooked aspect of menopause management.
👉🏽 The powerful aspect of ourselves that comes before the crone phase.
👉🏽 Why the metaphor 'you can't pour from an empty cup' needs to be developed.

So if you're interested in what homeopathy might be able to do for you, I highly recommend this episode.

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