Health at Every Size with Claudine Nightingill-Rane


Hating your body is a choice that you have been hypnotised into by diet culture.  It's totally unnecessary and feels bad to your soul.  If you've put weight on during menopause or you've always been curvy, you CAN learn to accept your body right now AND you can be healthy at every size.  

Sound controversial?  Damn right it is. 

My guest today is Claudine Nightingill-Rane.  She's a body image, mindset and blue health coach and she works with women to help heal their relationship with themselves and their bodies so they can be happy and healthy as they are.

In today's conversation we talk about: 

🙄 The mental pain of yoyo dieting
🙄 Lifestyle changes can be diets too
🙄 How you THINK you look vs how you ACTUALLY look
🙄 The slow process of learning to accept your body
🙄 BMI - a flawed tool - aka The Bulls**t Measurement Index
🙄 The torture of fat shaming
🙄 Reclaiming the word FAT
🙄 Shrinking your body is a choice and you don't have to do it
🙄 The one big barrier many people feel when embarking on working with a body positive coach
🙄 The one big mindset shift to help you appreciate your body
🙄 Thoughts about those before and after pictures
🙄 Your cup is both half full AND half empty - that's the reality
🙄 The language around intuitive eating vs dieting says it all
🙄 Undoing the years of conditioning
🙄 Health at every size - even during menopause
🙄 The power of cold water therapy for body positivity

So if you're ready to reclaim your body-ody-ody and look for inspiration on how to work WITH yourself instead of against, this episode is for you.

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