Changing Your Mind With Hypnotherapy


If you want a therapy that works, try hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy is becoming one of the worlds most sought after therapies because of its ability to work deep into our conditioning and affect change very quickly.

I call it a no nonsense therapy.  It gets right in there and right out again. 

In today's episode I had the pleasure of talking to a fellow hypnotherapist about the profound work we do.  

Sonia Samtani is CEO of the All About You wellness centre in Hong Kong, she's 2 x TEDX speaker, published author and NLP trainer (and of course, she's a very busy hypnotherapist).

In today's episode of The Menopause Mindset Podcast we discuss:

🧠 Conclusions that we come to about ourselves based on the messages we received.
🧠 The importance of asking why [why = wisdom].
🧠 Identifying the triggers that result in a cascade of negative thinking.
🧠 The difference between regression therapy and suggestion placement therapy.
🧠 Perception filters and how they affects our beliefs.
🧠 Where does our conditioning come from?
🧠 Fact vs Interpretation.
🧠 Problems arise when we just see problems.
🧠 How do we change the unhelpful things that we are focused on?
🧠 The power of knowing what your objective is.
🧠 Why feeling 'normal' after hypnotherapy is a big win.
🧠 What stands in the way of people achieving their goals.
🧠 Why we get addicted to stress.
🧠 Why your inner child's brain is running the show.
🧠 What's really behind addictions and symptoms?
🧠 Why hypnotherapy is not like stage hypnosis.
🧠 Breaking the ancestral wounds of 'lack'.

So if you're ready to change your mind, this episode is for you.

So if you're ready to learn how to change your mind, this episode is for you.

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