Surviving Breast Cancer with Kelli Jaecks


Mammograms & scans are important as we get older but despite having one every year, my guest, Kelli Jaecks, discovered she had breast cancer in 2019 resulting in a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery.  

Needless to say, this is a powerful episode.

Kelli is a self-care strategist, published author, professional speaker, and coach. She works with organizations who want to optimize their team’s total wellness so they can have a more productive and engaged workforce. She also coaches groups and individuals to achieve their health and wellness goals.

We talk about:

🍁 Breast cancer can still appear even without lumps
🍁 Breast cancer risks are always multi factorial 
🍁 It's not always caused by the HRT
🍁 Having a victor mentality over breast cancer (rather than victim)
🍁 Double Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction
🍁 The consequences of oestrogen blockers
🍁 The power of routine
🍁 Maintaining positivity and embracing challenges
🍁 How to break a 'funky' headspace
🍁 How sharing your story can help others
🍁 Honouring our bodies
🍁 Knowing our privilege 
🍁 Why the menopause conversation is so powerful
🍁 The power of Post Menopause
 This episode is for you if you want a dash of realism with a big dose of hope.

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