Treating People NOT Just Lab Results with Ricky Brandon


What's it like when you're told that your lab results are 'normal' but you feel far from it? 

It might offer temporary relief but you go back into your life and before long, you feel awful again. 

Your intuition is telling you that things are far from normal.  

So what is really going on here?  

My guest today is Ricky Brandon, founder of The Hormone Balance Centres in the USA.  After years of searching, thousands of hours in training, research, and trial, and error, he has finally landed on the process and system that mixes traditional medicine with alternative medicine and helps people feel great again and live younger and longer with natural hormone replacement therapy.

In today's conversation we discuss: 

✅ Why UNDERSTANDING is power when it comes to your health.
✅ Embracing symptoms rather than fearing them.
✅ The restrictions that tight protocol creates for traditional doctors when dealing with hormones. 
✅ The wide generic nature of hormone levels set by insurance companies.
✅ The male menopause.
✅ Becoming a master negotiator of your own health.
✅ Post natal depression
✅ Stop treating the lab results and start treating people
✅ Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

and so much more....

This was a really emotional episode for Ricky and it's obvious to see why he is incredibly passionate about being a women's health advocate.

So if you're ready to listen to a really inspiring conversation which may ruffle some feathers, come on over. 

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