Treating Menopause With Vibrational Medicine


Some of the hormone disruptors that we might not think about are electro magnetic frequencies, unresolved childhood trauma and our self sabotaging beliefs.

But they really are, maybe not directly, but they are all stressors and stressors play havoc with the orchestra that is our endocrine system.

My guest today is Melissa Ayres a homeopath, a Theta Healing Practitioner and a menopause coach. 

In today's episode we discuss: 

✨ Homeopathy for menopause
✨ What is homeopathy
✨ The 5 key disruptors of hormones health.
✨ Re-defining 'Pre Menstrual Tension'
✨ Stress and the effects on menopause
✨ The other role of progesterone
✨ Electro Magnetic Frequencies and how they affect our wellbeing
✨ Beliefs as vibration
✨ Getting to the bottom of the beliefs that sabotage us
✨ Theta Healing for menopause - clearing the ancestral wounds
✨ Being ready to heal deeply

So if you're ready to change up your energy, this episode is for you.

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