Why Winter Is A Powerful Time of Year For Menopause


What if this time of year was THE most powerful time of year for menopause? 

In today's episode I talk about a new book I'm reading which is helping me tap into my creative genius (and what that means for menopause).  

I also talk about how much I'm loving the stillness and quietude that exists at the moment as a result of the hunkering down caused by winter and the change in people's economic circumstances.  I

also briefly talk about a gorgeous yoga workshop retreat I went on and what I learnt from that.   

It's a very paired back episode today but hopefully it will inspire you to go within and reflect on the stirrings of your own inner magic.

How to Make The Most Out Of The Winter Solstice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsU7VQkk9Ag&t=307s

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