Depressed or Anxious and Tried Everything? You may be struggling with 'absolute thinking'

Have you heard of Absolute Thinking? Some call it rigid thinking.  If you get stuck in a state a state of overwhelm, anxiety, depression or procrastination (and you’ve tried everything) it might be because of something called 'absolute thinking'.

Absolute thinking can often pose a problem because it can lead to inflexibility, intolerance, and difficulty in problem-solving. For example, a person who engages in absolute thinking might be unable to consider alternative solutions to a problem because they believe there is no way out. 

Examples of absolute thinking are: 

"Men/women never listen"
"I never sleep well in the summer"
"I always feel bad during my period"
"Ageing is a curse"
"No one is ever there for me"

Absolute thinking is characterised by the words 'always' and 'never' and denotes psychological inflexibility.

Psychological flexibility, on the other hand, is the ability to adapt and respond effectively to changing situations and challenging...

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