The Changing Landscape of Women's Health with Kath Berry


Controlling how you decide to show up in the patriarchal world as a menopausal woman, is really up to you.

You do know that YOU get to decide don't you?  In some countries, that choice is taken away, so if you DO have the choice, honour it and use it wisely.  

😬 Want to stick to bedroom activism instead?  I'm right there with you.
😬 Want to wear oversized prints, enormous earrings and red lipstick?  Do it.
😬 Want to have casual sex with someone younger?  Try it.  
😬 What to just sleep all day this Sunday?  Do it.

This life changing conversation with Kath Berry put some fire back in my belly and I did not expect this conversation to end up where it did! 😵 

Kath Berry is an Acupuncture Educator with over 25 years of clinical experience.  She also has a Masters Degree in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Medicine and is now the co-author of a text book called Menopause: A Comprehensive Guide for Practitioners.

In today's episode we talk about: 

🧐 The beautiful marriage of Chinese Medicine and Hypnotherapy.
🧐 How a rogue Sarcoma got my guest thinking about menopause.
🧐 Exercise being the best thing you can do for menopause. 
🧐 The power of micro choices.
🧐 Why Chinese Medicines LOVES your basket of issues whereas Western Medicine doesn't. 
🧐 How we interpret pain/hot flushes/anxiety in the brain (aka pain signalling)
🧐 The East Asian view of menopause.
🧐 Why menopause is NOT just a hormone thing.
🧐 The changing landscape of women's health (aka no one size fits all)
🧐 Why friendships become more important as we age.
🧐 The importance of intuition as we navigate menopause.
🧐 Knowing who we want to be post menopause and finding role models to help guide us. 
🧐 Controlling how you decide to show up inside the patriarchal marinade.
🧐 Changing the menopause health narrative away from "eat well, sleep well and exercise" to something more rambunctious.  
🧐 The over 45's being left out of the conversation around healthy sex (and what we can do about it!)
🧐 Why penetrative m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.i.o.n is MORE important than clitoral m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.i.o.n as we age. 

So folks, if you're ready to go on a powerful journey, grab your headphones and your walking shoes and I'll see you inside this episode.

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