Aromatherapy for Menopause and For Life with Amy Anthony


If you're anything like me, you've purchased hundreds of aromatherapy oils in the past with the full intention of using them in your baths, in diffusers and in your massage oils, only to then wonder 'are they really working?'  Promptly abandoning them only to repeat the cycle a year later. 

My guest today is listed as one of America's most influential aromatherapists.  She's also the New York State representative for the Alliance of International Aromatherapists, so she knows a thing or two about the contents of these mysterious little bottles.  

In our long awaited conversation we spoke about:

🪴 What makes an essential oil so powerful.
🪴 How smells affects the nervous system.
🪴 The properties of essential oils.
🪴 How essential oils actually affect our bodies.
🪴 How to really work with and appreciate essential oils.
🪴 Aromatherapy post hysterectomy.
🪴 Aromatherapy for symptoms management during menopause.
🪴 The problem with perfume.
🪴 What NOT to do with essential oils.
🪴 Why you need to see a LOCAL aromatherapist.
🪴 Understanding the synergistic effect of blending oils.
🪴 What essential oils are to the plants themselves.
🪴 Building a relationship with the oil and plant. 
🪴 Using oils to connect with nature if you live in a city.
🪴 Do essential oils REALLY help with our emotions?

And so much more...

So if you want uplift your senses and really understand the relationship with plants, smells and humans (and of course, how all of this can help your menopause) this episode is for you. 


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