Why Women Are Invisible by Harriet Waley Cohen


Do you ever find that no matter how hard you try to fix your mindset, your behaviours and your habits, it still feels like the odds are stacked against you?

I feel it too, sometimes.  

In today's episode I speak with Harriet Waley Cohen who is a leadership coach specialising in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion activism.  

Our conversation was incredibly eye opening and made me think a lot about the limitations placed upon women by an insidious and crafty system of patriarchal oppression.  

Trigger warning.  If you DON'T want your world view changed, probably best you don't listen to this episode. 

In this conversation Harriet enlightens us on:

The real reason why many women are not thriving.
What the 'law of attraction' sphere is in denial of.
Patriarchal oppression, dirty water and brainwashing.
The reaction of men in suits when being spoken to about gender inclusivity.
Why gender based diversity and inclusion goes beyond 'morality.'

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