Could it be ADHD? with Bev Thorogood


Have you considered that the scattered thinking you experience, the inability to do mundane tasks, and the noise in your head might be ADHD and not just menopause? 

Before peri menopause conditions like ADHD are easy to mask, but as our sex hormones start to decline dopamine disregulation (which is at the heart of ADHD) can be revealed or may get worse.  

I'm not saying that EVERY women in menopause suddenly develops ADHD, but leaps in logic suggest that there could be a link.  

Today's conversation is a tale of two halves.  I speak with Bev Thorogood (Author, TEDX speaker and Menopause Trainer) about menopause in the workplace and what it's like to have been diagnosed with ADHD later on in life.  

In today's conversation we speak about:  

😬 Why menopause in the workplace is perhaps more relevant today than it was 30 years ago.
😬 Why mandatory menopause training in the workplace might NOT be a good idea.
😬 What women can do to make the menopause conversation easier for men. 
😬 The social and behavioural benefits of greater menopause education.
😬 The consequences of not understanding menopause properly.
😬 Why we need to go beyond a 'menopause policy'.
😬 Why the industrial revolution paradigm doesn't work for cyclical humans and before we find a solution there is one important question to ask. 
😬 Why the H in ADHD is misleading.
😬 Why ADHD looks very different in girls and women than it does it boys and men.
😬 What is the link between menopause and ADHD.
😬 The hormones involved in ADHD.
😬 Why it's so hard to do mundane things if you have ADHD.
😬 How ADHD shows up for Bev and how it might show up in other people.
😬 The different types of ADHD.
😬 The association between ADHD and the theta brainwave state.

I found Bev really easy and interesting to talk to so I hope that will come across in our energy during this exchange.   

So if you’re ready to get a different slant on your different brain, this conversation is for you.

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