How PTSD Can Affect Menopause & What You Can Do About It


"I'm stuck on the ceiling and I can't come down." Is the response that one of my clients gave me and boy can I empathise. That hyper aroused, hyper vigilant feeling that won't let you sleep, rest or have healthy relationships.

Truthfully, there's not been enough research done to make specific conclusions on the link between PTSD and menopause but taking an educated guess, I would bet my bottom dollar that generally speaking PTSD does make menopause worse.  That's why I've just done a very important piece of content around it. 

But, you know what, the most interesting thing is, PTSD doesn't have to be linked to natural disasters, or exposure to bombs or killings.  Did you know that someone with chronic anxiety can end up with PTSD like symptoms too?  Any kind of prolonged exposure to stress can cause PTSD, even PTSD itself makes PTSD worse.  It's a vicious cycle. 

So, having a bad experience with menopause, being body shamed and your moods not being taken...

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