The Link Between Childhood Trauma and Severe Menopause Symptoms


Researchers from the Mayo Clinic have found a link between childhood trauma and severe menopause symptoms. I guess we knew it instinctively but it's nice to have the evidence to support. In this video join me as I walk through 7 things that you can do to help yourself if you've experienced trauma in the past which you think might be making your menopause worse.
Maybe you've tried the whole nutrition and lifestyle thing and it's helped to a degree, but you think there's something deeper going on.
Maybe you're aware that you're still holding onto some baggage of the past.
Maybe you're starting to see the link between stress and your meno health but you but you need a little extra insight.

If that's you, then try this video. Here's a quick highlight into what's going to be inside:
1) Why you shouldn't try doing this work alone.
2) Why movement is so powerful.
3) Why touch is so powerful.
4) The magic of theta brainwave states.
5) The healing power of play.
6) How curiosity downgrades fear.
7) Why...

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