3 Ways To Improve Sex in Your Relationship During The Menopause Transition


One of my girlfriends told me the other day "honestly, I'd rather do some DIY than have sex with my partner."  I wonder if you've ever had that feeling?  As we get older, sex changes... it's not like it used to be... and that's ok.  But it's important we address the issue because good sex has a multitude of health benefits which can actually make menopause easier. 

If you're drawn to this:
👉Maybe you don't fancy your partner like you're used to.
👉Maybe you've lost your body confidence.
👉Maybe you find it hard to open up.
👉Maybe you're overthinking sex.
👉Maybe your libido has hit rock bottom. 

In this training video we go through 3 mindset things (plus one practical thing) that we can do to help get things moving in the bedroom.  

Sally xx


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