Mind over Menopause

It's never been easier to use your mind to help your menopause with The Menopause Mindset Hypnosis Collection


"Each of us holds the keys to a pharmacy containing a dazzling array of healing compounds: our own brain...Our brains are themselves generating drugs similar to those that the doctor is prescribing for us."  Dawson Church author of The Genie in Your Genes

How would you like to hack into your mind body connection to help your menopausal symptoms? 

Sound too good to be true?!

It's really not. 

What we imagine directly affects our physiology.  Just think about something a bit scary for a second and notice the feeling in your body.   You've just had a physical reaction to something imagined.   

These hypnosis recordings simply tap into the power of your imagination to transform your physiology. 

It's that simple. 

  • Maybe you're the kind of person who is intrigued by the mind/body connection and wants to hack into it more?¬†

  • Maybe you can't/don't want to take HRT and you're looking for other ways to help your meno symptoms?

  • Maybe you're on HRT but you recognise that it's only half the story to your wellbeing?¬†¬†

Whatever your situation...

Welcome to The Menopause Mindset Hypnosis Collection. 

and regulate your body temperature

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So how do they work then?

Your mind believes whatever you tell it

Truthfully your mind doesn't know the difference between what is real and what is imagined.  We are imagining stuff all day long and many of us are using our imagination in the wrong way.  It's called worrying.  How many times have you been thinking about something scary or envisioning worse case scenario and your heart starts accelerating?  You're not IN the scenario but your body thought that you were because of what you told it with your mind.  And then your body dispensed the perfect cocktail of chemicals as though you were in that situation in real life.   During these powerful hypnosis recordings you get to tell your mind that you're cooling down, that you can open to more pleasure and  that you can have more mental clarity.  Most people refuse to believe it's THAT simple.  But it is.  Especially when you practice it daily.

Your mind communicates to your body via words and pictures  

Words are like magic, that's why they call it spelling.  Words and pictures are the coding that your mind uses to send through your body.  Your body understands these words and pictures and translates them into feelings.  For example, if you picture cute kittens or cute babies you will get a nice dose of oxytocin delivered into to your blood stream which makes you feel bonded and yummy (presuming you like kittens & babies).   Equally if you say things like "I can't cope with these flushes" or "I can't stand my partner anymore" or "I can't remember anything anymore" your mind will start to tell it to you back.  Then in response to that 'code' your body will produce the neuropeptides to make you feel a certain way which match those thoughts.  During hypnosis we use powerful language and powerful imagery to create new thoughts and feelings that produce the nice neuropeptides rather than the horrid ones. 

Your mind learns through repetition

When you were a teenager how did you manage to learn all the lyrics to Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice huh?  Did you study the lyrics?  Probably not.  It's more likely that you had the song on repeat and let it sink in over time, annoying your parents at every opportunity.  You just played it so much that your mind started to recognise the patterns of the words, melodies and rhythms.  Well that's how these hypnosis recordings work.  You play them every day for 30 days and before you know it you'll be saying them in your sleep, literally.  Over time, that coding (and the meaning attached to the coding) gets embedded and tells you and your body what to do. 

Your body heals itself naturally during theta states

When you create 20 minutes in your day to listen to a hypnosis recordings you allow your brain waves to slow down to theta speed. Theta is a state that is between awake and sleep and the cool thing about it is, when you're in it, you don't realise you're in it.   I call it 'the gap' or 'the bliss point.' Most people tell me "I fell asleep during the recording, does that matter?" and the truth is, they didn't actually fall asleep they went into theta.  How do I know that??  Because they woke up at the end.  If you were actually asleep, you wouldn't wake up.  Truthfully scientists still don't know much about theta but the sages of yesteryear did.  They might have called it 'transcendence.'  Whatever the label you give it, when you drop into theta something magical happens in the body.  Your body goes into deep deep rest and your brain/body can prioritise intense repair and de stressing.

What people are saying....

Gemma Buckley

I brought Sally's Menopause Hypnosis collection a few months ago. I have found the recordings very useful in helping me with symptoms such as brain fog and loss of libido. I always feel relaxed and calm when listening with the headphones on - infact it gives me some much needed time out. The recordings make me feel more positive and better about myself and reduces symptoms- have a go what have you got to loose. Gemma

Anna Price

"These have been way more powerful than I expected them to be.  All my menopause symptoms have improved.  They've changed me not only physically but emotionally too.  I've never got so much from such a small investment."

Chris Heyes

"These recordings are a massage for the brain."

Dr Alison Grimston

"These audios are utterly brilliant."

More reasons to LOVE self hypnosis 

Time Out

This is the best bit... ah, some 'me' time.  But forget 'doing' a meditation.  Let the hypnosis recording 'do it' for you!   All you need to do is pop your ear buds in, get comfey and let the recording to the work.  How easy is that?

Develop The Mind Body Connection

Your mind is the doctor writing the prescription and your brain is the pharmacy dispensing the chemicals that you tell it to, through the power and direction of your words and pictures. Hypnosis gives us an opportunity to practice this intentionally every day. 

Give Yourself The Edge

I always like to think that athletes are the epitomy of health and longevity, well guess what?  Athletes do hypnosis (they actually call it mental rehearsal but it's the same thing).  Moving through menopause is about becoming an athlete of your own life and hypnosis will help you get the edge.  

In case you're wondering what I sound like, I've created some previews for you so you can hear if we're going to get along.

See you in the bliss field...

Buy now for £59.99

Special Offer 

Buy the BUNDLE of 5 for £59.99 instead of £124.95.

PLUS get my Powerful Mind Over Menopause Masterclass