Single at Menopause? Try a Makeover of The Mind

Uncategorized Aug 27, 2020

Sister you are not 'over the hill' and you have not 'missed the boat'!  You are coming into the prime of your life!  Ok, so there might be little inner work for you to do, but, honestly, it's going to be the making of you.  Being single at peri menopause, can be tough!  We are dealing with all sorts of internal changes and we feel very destabilised by it.  And so the idea of a relationship to help stabilise us becomes very alluring.  

If you're drawn to this:
👉Maybe you have a negative narrative going on about your relationship potential?
👉Maybe you feel that you're not desirable any more?
👉Maybe you're worried about sex because of vaginal dryness or perspiration?
👉Maybe the people you're meeting are not in line with your values anymore?

​In this training video we go through 4 things that we can do to help get things moving in the relationship department!    Enjoy!  


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