Why You Need To Be Menopause Informed with Katie Taylor


Do you ever wonder why there's so much talk of HRT these days?  

A few weeks ago I posted a reel at my distain for the amount of HRT 'pushing' I was seeing on social media  but after my conversation with Katie Taylor, now I know why that is. 

It's because the pendulum needed to swing so far the other way.

The immense fear of HRT caused by the flawed WHI study meant that women's medical health has been paralysed.  And the force with which my guest (and others in her field) have had to fight, has literally swung the pendulum the other way.  

Go them!  It needed to happen to mobilise women's health care.  

My guest today, Katie Taylor, is a fighting spirit among the campaigning community to make menopause matter.  She's the CEO of the Latte Lounge (a free Facebook community and low cost private membership) and the organiser of The Midlife Festival.  

In our conversation today we covered: 

✅ The increasing popularity of menopause as a conversational piece.
✅ The importance of evidence based information.
✅ Coping with the limited amount of GP appointments available. 
✅ When HRT is the only answer.
✅ Why so many women are resistant to HRT.
✅ Why 'put up and shut up' is no longer relevant.
✅ Why showing up to your GP appointment well informed is best practice. 
✅ What's happening with the HRT shortage.
✅ What's happening with the free prescription promise.
✅ Why the pendulum had to swing so far in the HRT direction. 

So if you're ready to get latest on where we're at with the HRT shortage and hear about Katie's story, along with the success of The Latte Lounge, then this episode is for you. 

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