Cold Water Therapy Practitioners Diploma [Accredited]

Become a Certified Cold Water Therapy Practitioner with this fully accredited and insurable diploma.



The popularity of cold water therapy is on the rise as people look for alternative ways to manage pain and inflammation, boost their immunity, lose weight, improve mental health and keep themselves adapted to stress.

Student Reviews

Sleep Better


Amazing content. Loved all the information. I Use cold water therapy everyday so found it very useful. It will be a resource I shall use always.

Sleep better

Jacquelyn R.M

This course was good and what I expected from the overview at the beginning. It gave lots of good information and covered many interesting and helpful topics. Overall, a great class with good information! Thank you!

Carolyn Budreski

The certificate is everything I could have hoped for ❤️ I have a chance at a gig where they needed on paper my qualifications….. I thought it was out of reach until I found you, so I’m incredibly grateful.

What you'll learn:

✅ Gain inspiration and motivation (via case studies) to do cold water therapy on yourself.

✅ Gain knowledge and facts about safety and efficacy when exposing yourself to cold.

✅ Gain the correct mental and emotional set up for cold water exposure.

✅ Gain in depth knowledge about the many benefits of cold water exposure.

✅ Formalise your knowledge to demonstrate credibility in your career as a wellness practitioner, influencer or whatever.

✅ Be supported by me, your tutor every step of the way.

Requirements:  No prior experience needed

Course Description 


This course will give you an understanding of what happens to the body during cold exposure and how you can best approach the cold with yourself and with your clients. You will also get to take a deep dive into the huge range of benefits that cold water exposure gives the human body.


This Diploma in Cold Water Therapy Includes:


  • My personal experience with cold water exposure.

  • What is cold water therapy and how can be it applied.

  • The history of cold water therapy.

  • Facts about cold water.

  • Physiological and mental changes during cold water exposure.

  • Acclimatisation, Non Shivering Thermogensis and Afterdrop.

  • The benefits that cold water therapy provides on the metabolism, immune system, nervous system, circulatory system, nervous system, sleep, endocrine system, thyroid and mental health .

  • How to do cold water therapy safely and effectively.

  • Breathwork for cold water exposure.

  • Poly Vagal Theory basics.


You will gain a wide understanding of the changes that occur during cold exposure and why cold exposure is so important for our bodies.


Why get a diploma in Cold Water Therapy?

  • You can synthesise your new knowledge with already existing knowledge.

  • You will find it extremely rewarding to show people why cold water therapy might work for them and how they can do it.

  • You will become very motivated to try it yourself and to keep it up.

  • You can continue your learning.

On completion you will receive a PDF certificate from the Holistic and Wellness Course Academy which is accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and is insurable via FHT, Westminster, Balens and others.

Cold Water Therapy Practitioners Diploma

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  • 1 hour of on demand videos
  • 37 articles with audio transcription for listening on the go.
  • 7 modules
  • 1 practice test with multiple choice
  • Lifetime access
  • Course updated regularly
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  • Certificate on completion from the Holistic & Wellness Course Academy
  • Accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine [IPHM].
  • Insurable via FHT, Westminster, Balens and others.
  • Charge for your work.
  • Email and What's App support to help with course content and business growth
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Student Reviews

Sleep Better

Ryan Schroder

I really liked the course and as someone who has been practicing cold water exposure it has given me the insight that i am on the right track. Especially with the research I've done myself on the nervous system and Vegas nerve. Thank you for the course and i will be recommending it to anyone interested in learning about cold water exposure.

Sleep better

Jared Freidberg

Thank you very much for such an amazing course! I completed all the modules, read through most of the studies and Youtube videos as well, and completed the test.

I enjoyed how you brought in your personal connections and anecdotes into the course content. It made for more engaging learning of the material.

I am looking to start offering ice bath and breathwork classes at my apartment building in NYC as there are no natural bodies of water to jump in for free! I have been doing cold showers and ice baths for the past 2 months and really feel the mental and physical benefits. I hope to be able to teach others and create a new community!


Hi Sally, I have just finished the Cold-Water Therapy Practitioner course. Thank you so much for the wonderful information.

Past Students Include

  • Personal Trainers
  • Health Coaches
  • Biohackers
  • Influencers
  • Beauty Therapists
  • Holistic Therapists
  • Actors needing to show competency for cold exposure
  • Anyone with an interest in trying cold exposure safely and effectively
  • Trauma therapists
  • Anyone struggling with chronic pain or mental health issues


On completion you will receive a certificate from the Holistic and Wellness Course Academy which is accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and is insurable via FHT, Westminster, Balens and others.  In order to call yourself a Cold Water Therapy Practitioner and to start practicing as one you will need to have the relevant insurance.  I recommend Westminster who insure people in the UK, USA and Canada.  Westminster do really good cover and are great to deal with and many people I train often switch over to them.   They will need to see that you have the relevant first aid certificate AND they will likely need to see that you are a member of the awarding body, in this case IPHM.  Price for IPHM membership is £12 per month (or the equivalent in US/CAD dollars).  You can join the IPHM if you reside in ANY country, but you will need to source your own insurance company if you are outside UK, USA or Canada.  Instructions on how to join the IPHM will be sent to you on completion of the course.

For your ease and perusal I have included both websites here:

View Westminster Website: 

View IPHM Website: