Hey, I'm Sally

I help people approaching their menopause & midlife transition with their mental health so that they can sleep like a baby, have outstanding health, have happy relationships with themselves & others & be incredibly fulfilled in their careers. 

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You're Not Alone In This...

Hey lovely 🌺.  Great to see you.  My gut feeling is that you showed up here for a reason.  You know that something's got to change, but you're exhausted and you just can't do it alone anymore.   Fear not, your fairy god mother of menopause and midlife is here.  Is it one to one tailored help you're looking for?  Or targeted help with your sleep?  Or do you want to join other women who are transforming their symptoms with The Menopause Mindset Hypnosis Collection?  Maybe it's all 3.  Have a browse below. 👇🏾

Are you looking to improve your sleep?

Explore this 10 week course to help you RE-LEARN how to sleep just like a baby.

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Or are you looking for something safe and natural to help with menopause symptoms?

I've crafted some highly innovative hypnosis recordings to help with hot flushes, low libido and brain fog. 

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Or do you need one to one support?

RTT is a powerful 'hand holding' process done under hypnosis to help you clear the past and put a new ending on your story, whatever your issue. 

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3 Pillars of Menopause

Did you know that the menopause transition is about a great deal more than just hot flushes and HRT?   During the midlife our values start to change but often we need a little help changing our habits, behaviours & mindsets to match those values.   

All my products and services are based on these pillars.

Phenomenal Health

Create the energy and vitality you need to keep doing the things you love.

Happy Relationships

Create safe & passionate relationships (especially with yourself) to keep you grounded and connected into your midlife and beyond. 

Career Fulfilment

Create the confidence & mindset required to persue your passion and your purpose while generating the income you require.  

Menopause & midlife doesn't have to be miserable....

In fact it's your time to shine.  When you know what to expect you can plan for it and I know that's why you're here right?  Because you're one of thoes few who are ready to get into the right mindset to prepare you for the changes ahead so that you can really enjoy life post menopause.

I commend you for being here, transformation is not easy.  It's definitely not been a bed a roses for me.  

I've really struggled in every area of my life harbouring so much anger, resentment, control and fear.  I've self harmed, I've had anxiety, depression, insomnia, sugar issues, money issues and had really bad menopause symptoms.  I've battled being child less, I've been a relationship addict and I've had issues with power and control in my current relationship.  

But honestly, now, I'm the happiest I've ever been, and that's not through chance.  That's been through conscious decision making to seek out a more positive attitude to life, work, health and love and, of course, do the deep inner work, which I am fully committed to doing every single day.


So now, I'm a Menopause Mindset Coach and a Rapid Transformational Therapist. I work with people who want to get freedom from the anxieties that midlife & menopause can bring up.  Midlife is a time when we often do some major ‘life laundry’ and as a result, need a little help with our mental health in the process.   Maybe your values have changed but your habits have not? 

I often help people with: fears, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, lack of self confidence and procrastination.  My work is so powerful it can also clear the underlying emotional causes of auto immune disease too.  When you work with me you get to release old wounds and stored emotions.  You get to feel empowered knowing that the control is in your hands.  You get to wire you brain for inner peace, health and vitality so that you can go in to your midlife being the best version of you. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy with Sally Garozzo

I'm very excited that you're here because I know what's possible when you get the help you deserve.

But I totally get it, it can be a scary investment.  Don't worry, I FULLY understand that and I'm on your side to help you work things out.

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