End of Year Ritual: Let go of 2020 & Set intentions for 2021

Hey lovely!  Please don’t let 2020 pass without using the power of ritual to let go of the past (what a year it's been) and set your intentions for the new year. 


Ritual is a lost art.  Our ancestors used to do it to bring rain to an arid land and to bring healing to the sick.  We can use it today to surrender the past and intentionally bring in the future we consciously want to create. 


I wanted to bring this to you as a live, but because I have the flu, actually the Rona 😩 (and I'm coughing everywhere), I’m typing it out instead.  Maybe this is going to work better? Everything for a reason.

By the way, you can do this any time up to 31st December 2020 

So here we go - read this all through first before you do it. 

ONE - prepare your environment.  Dim lights, light a candle, burn your favourite aromatherapy oils, surround yourself with your favourite crystals and play your favourite music… I like this one:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPni755-Krg .  Also grab your  journal and a pen.    Make sure you have somewhere comfortable to sit where you can meditate and write and ask others to respect your privacy for the next 30 mins or so. 


TWO - Start the music and begin to slow your brain waves down by focusing on your breath or the tip of your nose.  Breathe in and then as you breathe out,  elongate your out breath this calms your nervous system.  If any thoughts arise, just let them be there but try not to 'chase' them.  Simply come back to the breath.  This is your sanctuary.  Bring your awareness back to your body and your breath.  This is home. 


THREE - When you feel suitably settled (or after 5 mins), gently and slowly without jarring yourself gently open your eyes, grab your journal and begin to answer these four questions:


1) What did I create this year that I'm really proud of? 

2) What mistakes did I make that I can learn from?  Or what could I do better next time?

3) What am I willing to let go of as we move into 2021?  What stories am I willing to stop telling myself? 

4) What's my one word for 2021?  What do I intentionally want to pull in and/or create this next year?


Hint - write these prompts in your journal BEFORE you start to meditate so that you don't have to scramble for them. 


FOUR - As you're writing, if you 'dry up' go back into an eyes closed, meditative state focussing on your breath.  Thoughts and answers about these questions will almost certainly arise and when they do, you can write them down. 


FIVE - When you feel finished, you are going to seal in some magic.  So take your journal (or the pages that you've written on) and you're going to imbue the words with magic (think Disney film magic).    If you're Reiki trained you can use your reiki symbols, if not, you can use your imagination in other ways.  For example, I like to place a crystal on top of my journal and wave some inscence over the top chanting the mantra "It is done"... then I like to close my eyes and imagine a beam of light from a star above coming down onto my journal and charging up the words with MEGA MANIFESTATION ENERGY.  Then I see that energy, rippling through the earth and touching all the lives that need to be touched in order to 'get the message' (whatever that message is).  Then, I take a massive breath in and imagine all that mega manifestation energy entering into me through the breath and lighting up every cell of my body.   Woah - this is powerful stuff. 


SIX - Closing Down.  By this time, my energy is wide open.  So now I gently and calmly imagine all my energy centres closing down and my energy field returning back to me.  I imagine that my energy field is being dusted off and a coat of golden protection paint is being painted on my aura.  Of course, you could do your own version of closing down and protection….just let your imagination run wild. 


Have fun with it, and please do let me know how you get on.  I’d love to hear some of your learnings.   Just drop me an email at:  [email protected] 


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